Full Spectrum Lip Butter Q&A

  1. Can your Full Spectrum Lip Butter get me high? 
    Answer: No, there is not enough THC content in the entire jar to provide a "high" effect.
  2. Can I fail a drug test after using your Full Spectrum Lip Butter?
    Because Full Spectrum Hemp Oil includes all naturally occurring cannabinoids including CBD and some traces of THC it is essentially possible that you may fail a drug test after using it. If this is a legitimate concern for you we highly advise you to refrain from using any and all Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products. 
  3. How much THC is in your Full Spectrum Lip Butter?
    In full accordance with Federal guidelines, our Full Spectrum Lip Butter contains less than 0.3% THC per jar. 
  4. Is your Full Spectrum Lip Butter safe for children?
    While there are many opinions on the safety of cannabinoids for kids we CAN NOT endorse the use of our Full Spectrum Hemp Butter for kids. We highly recommend you choose one of our Natural, Vegan, or SPF lip balms made with cosmetic grade hemp seed oil as they do not contain CBD or THC.

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